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FAQs Sandesh Dynakode News Browser

  1. What is Sandesh - Dynakode browser?

    Sandesh introduces to its readers an innovative news browsing experience with Dynakode news browser. Now you can browse the news by location, create your own personalized URL for browsing news of all your preferred location on single page. More to it, you can also mark your location and get a unique Dynakode.

  2. And, what is Dynakode?

    You have heard about PIN codes for different regions. Dynakode is a 8 characters location code that is the exact location on the map, unlike a PIN which identifies a region. Each marked location on the map can now be identified with a unique Dynakode.

  3. Where do I get more information about using the Dynakode Browser?

    At the right bottom corner of your screen, you will see a floating 'Know More' flag. Click on it, to go to slide shows, and videos on usage of Dynakode Browser.

  4. Can I find the news across the world or India?

    Sandesh Dynakode browser currently covers the State of Gujarat. Only the news from Gujarat is available on Dynakode browser.

  5. I see at some places "Sorry No News Found". What does this mean?

    The 'News' section displays the news if any from the region for last 7 days. If you see the above message, either there is no news available for the region or your marker location is outside the coverage region of Sandesh. Please move your marker to some other location and try again.

    For older news from the selected region select 'News Archive' from the top bar.

  6. What is the blue circle around the marker?

    The blue circle indicates the range from marker for which the news is displayed in news panel. This is currently 25 KM. That is, where ever you put the marker on the map, the news from within the 25 KM radius gets displayed on the news panel.

  7. Why I am not seeing the news of the location where I dragged the pointer, instead I find other location news?

    The location to which you dragged the pointer might not have any current news of that location. That's the reason you see the news of the nearest place to your selected location. The news shown in the news panel, are ordered by most Recent or Distance. When the selected option is 'Order by Date' then the most recent news from the 'blue circle' region around the marker are shown in news panel. Change this to 'Order by Distance' and the news shown in the news panel will be from 'Near to Far' from the marker position.

  8. What is "Current Hot News" in the browser?

    The Current Hot News section brings to you the news that particularly does not belong to a specific location or region. But, that are current and relevant, in general. The Current Hot News are the most recent top 12 news.

  9. What is "News in Pics" in the browser?

    This is pictorial view of the news. Click on any picture in the section, and you can read the related news.

  10. What is personalized news Dynakode (NDK)?

    After you have marked few of the locations as your favorite locations, say for example, you marked Ahmedabad, Surat and Baroda as your favorite locations. The personalized URL you created during the registration can now be used directly to access the news from these regions without the need of login into the system.

    In your address bar of browser type the following URL <your selected>.ndk

  11. And, What is User Dynakode (UDK)?

    The facility of owning a unique Dynakode for yourself, is also available. You can mark your location on the map, and can share it with your near ones, or associates along with your address. It makes it much easier to locate your address. While creating your user Dynakode, also update the pictures or videos of landmarks around your location, to make your user Dynakode much more useful.

  12. If I have more questions or suggestions where should I send them to?

    We always value your feedback and are more then eager to answer your queries, if any. Please use 'Send Us Feedback' or email to for more information and assistance

    Wishing you a wonderful news browsing experience with Sandesh-Dynakode

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